0.07 2017-12-01
- Use common::sense
- Use DumpLex and PadWalker to include as much closing state as possible in
  serialized task code
- Fix typo in AnyEvent::ProcessPool::Util::cpu_count and add android to linux

0.06 2017-11-13
- Added support for alternately passing a "task class" + args rather than a
  code ref

0.05 2017-11-13
- Explicitly drop MSWin32 support intests (AnyEvent::Open3::Simple does not
  support MSWin32 due to lack of support for writing to process pipes)
- Support for specifying includes to the perl path (e.g., -Ilib) in the worker

0.04 2017-11-13
- More straightforward error handling
- Existing pool may be specified to pipeline

0.03 2017-11-13
- Support for passing parameters to task code
- Backward incompatible change: pipeline 'in' now expects list of (code, args
  array) or empty list to signal completion

0.02 2017-11-12
- Add Async::ProcessPool::Pipeline
- More thorough cleanup
- New method AnyEvent::ProcessPool->join
- 'workers' now defaults to number of cpus (threw an error previously)

0.01 2017-11-12
- Initial release